Chesapeake Bay Oyster Pearl found in Toronto

by Anne
(Newmarket, Ontario, Canada)

My friend and I were enjoying pre-theatre oysters accompanied by a crisp Pinot Grigio when I felt something odd in my mouth. Thinking it was a rather large piece of grit I plucked it gently from my mouth as surrepticiously as possible. When I looked down into my hand to my delight I found a pearl. Knowing oysters are farmed and not well aged I was really surprised at my little find. It came from a Chesapeake Bay Oyster.I showed it to our waitress and no-one on staff that night had seen a patron find a pearl before so I was a mini celebrity at the bar for a few minutes.

I brought my pearl and the shell of the oyster it came in home. The pearl is rather fragile so it will live on a shelf along with other vacation finds such as various bits of tumbled glass, shells and a pale green sea urchin from the Newfoundland Shoreline.

But I do feel it was a good omen

Newmarket, Ontario

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May 31, 2011
Mini celebrity
by: Kari

Hi Anne,

I'm glad your pearl made you a mini celebrity for a night. That was an added blessing on top of finding the pearl in the first place.

Your shelf of displayed finds sounds interesting and your pearl and shell fit right in.

I once found a small pearl years ago, but have since misplaced it. Now, naturally, I wish I had it. I do remember the thrill of finding a pearl though and I loved hearing your story. Pearls are always special!

God bless and thanks for sharing.

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