Choose the one pearl of great price

Once, there was a merchant who specialized in pearls. He was seeking good pearls for his business.

He came to know of a pearl more valuable than any other in the whole world. So he went and sold all that he had and purchased that pearl.

Jesus tells this parable in Matthew 13:45-46. This man made a drastic, life-changing choice. He made a decision to quit seeking pearls to buy and sell, and became the possessor of the best pearl. His identity changed from the “merchant of good pearls” to the “man who owns the one pearl of great price.”

One way to think about this parable is that all my life I was searching the world for what might work for me. What philosophy of life in the world could bring me satisfaction of my desires? What understanding would work to get me what I see others have? What work could I do in the world that would establish my identity and validate my significance as a person?

I was that merchant. I was seeking from the world a lifestyle that would be satisfying, provide a sufficient living standard, and establish my identity.

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