Clam Recipes for Your Enjoyment

Clam recipes for a special evening with friends.

I recently stumbled upon a superb old fashioned cookbook as I was doing some reorganizing in our home library. "Household Discoveries and Mrs. Curtis's Cookbook" dates at 1914. The publishers paid one cent per word if someone offered them a money saving idea to add to this huge book which is very entertaining just to sit and read.

Snatch up these old and long forgotten clam recipes.

Fried Clams

Select plump clams, dry them on a towel, roll in cracker crumbs, dip in egg, again in crumbs, and fry in hot fat; lay a sheet of paper in a colander and put the clams on this as fast as taken up; serve on a napkin.

Clam Fritters

Either whole clams or chopped ones may be used. Prepare a fritter batter, stir in the clams, using considerable clam liquor in making the batter.

If whole clams are used, the large ones are best, having one in each fritter; when chopped clams are used, the fritters may be made any size.

Drain, and serve on a napkin.

Roast Clams

Wash the clam shells thoroughly and drain in a colander. Spread them in a dripping pan and put in a hot oven. The shells will begin to open in five or eight minutes.

Take from the oven, and, holding the shell over a warm dish, let the clam and juice drop out.

Season with butter, salt, and pepper; serve very hot with thin slices of buttered brown bread.

Boston Style Clams

12 soft clams
1 pound salt pork

Cut pork in pieces size of dice, and fry crisp. Add clams, freed from the tough part, and saute them in the pork fat.

Serve on Boston brown bread.

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