Clammin n Jammin Quahog

by David
(New York)

Bullseye side

Bullseye side

I found a quahog in my clam, I figured it was a rock because I didn't know clams made pearls. I am glad I didn't swallow it or hurt a tooth.

Depending on value I may just keep it or have it put in a necklace pennant. It weights 0.41g, and is about 7.5 mm in size. My girlfriend could use a gold necklace to go with her gold engagement ring, but finding something in food might not be the most appealing gift lol.

If it has any value I'll definitely be happy we went to clamming and jamming, good thing we were low on groceries.

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Sep 01, 2023
by: Kari

Hi David,

No worries about something found in food being less appealing. All natural pearls are found in clams, which are often eaten. That's just where they grow. Seems your girlfriend would be thrilled to have a very rare quahog pearl ring!

Congrats on finding a very rare quahog pearl! And yes, I'm glad too that you didn't swallow it or hurt your tooth.

Let us know what you've decided to make from it. We'd love to see!

God bless,

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