Claudia Watkins Natural Pearl

by Claudia
(Manteca, CA USA)

In about 1951-1952, my brother sailed and worked on the Luxury Liner the USS Luraline, traveling back and forth from San Fran to Honolulu. While he was in Honolulu (his story to us)he purchased a pearl directly from one of the Hawaiian DIVERS. He brought it back and gave it to our Mother. She kept for many years and had it mounted into a gold ring. My mother and brother have since past. I have give it to my daughter. I don't have a picture of it to attached. My daughter did some research and wanted me to write you. Should we go to a local jeweler to have it evaluated? Thank you Claudia Watkins, Manteca, CA

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Mar 04, 2010
Yes, hopefully a jeweler can help
by: Kari

Hi Claudia,

I love hearing stories about the journey a pearl takes. There is usually some sentimental memory attached that makes them even more special than simply being pearls.

Yes, hopefully a local jeweler could help you put a value on your daughter's ring. You might need to do some asking around to find one who understand natural pearls, but being from California, you should be able to find someone knowledgeable.

If you get a photo it would be great to see it.

Thanks for the post!

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