Cointreau "Pearls"

Cointreau pearls champagne drink

It looks like a science experiment is taking place at the M Bar inside Neiman Marcus at Northpark Center in Dallas. There are beakers, a syringe, and the goal of turning a liquid liquer into a solid.

The process is called Molecular mixology --a method that combines scientific analysis with recipes for cocktails.

For French beverage-maker Remy Cointreau, the M Bar was the perfect place to debut its new Cointreau pearls.

"It took Remy Cointreau 12 months to perfect this. We started in 2007 and finally perfected it in 2009," said Dallas-based Cointreau rep Joana Esquivel.

The result is the $24 Piper-Heidsiek with Cointreau pearls. Edible 14k gold flakes are wrapped in tiny Cointreau pearls that dance in champagne.

"We felt partnering with Neiman's, which is the ultimate in being fashion forward, makes sense for both portfolios," explained Esquivel. "We are both premium luxury companies. This is a luxury item enjoyed while you're here shopping. It's also offered at catered events."

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