Disappointing College Graduation Gift

by Connie Kuhn

Yes, pearls can be a disappointment sometimes...even for a college graduation gift...especially if something else is more needed.

Connie Kuhn Exercising
Connie Kuhn Exercising

When my Mother gave me a small single strand of pearls for my college graduation gift in 1965, I was very disappointed. The year before, my husband, Cliff, and I had married.

Back then you didn’t marry in college. In fact there was only one other couple who had done so and that was because there was a baby on the way.

We were as poor as can be. He was a sophomore in medical school and I was a junior in college. Neither of us had a job.

We lived off our savings that first year in public housing that I called Roach Haven. The rent was $60 a month!

Connie Kuhn Exercising with Pearls
Connie Kuhn Exercising with Pearls

I thought I had understood she was giving me the sewing machine I badly needed. But I told her how much I loved the pearls and what a thoughtful gift it was thinking the whole time that the sewing machine would have been much more practical.

Those pearls have now been to every important event in my life: my childrens' graduations and their marriages and most of the family celebrations.

Now 43 years later you can bet I appreciate them a lot more. They have been restrung several times and kept in their little soft bag.

Connie Kuhn Painting
Connie Kuhn Painting
With College Graduation Pearls

This year we are giving my daughter pearls for Christmas. She is older than I was when I received pearls and not at all poor but I know she’ll love them. And, of course, I now have a great sewing machine.

Connie Kuhn and Her Sewing Machine
Connie Kuhn and Her Sewing Machine
Wearing College Graduation Pearls

Connie has since "fallen in love with pearls" and informs me that she wears pearls every day, even when exercising!

Connie loves pearls so much that she has even bartered for pearls.

Connie's husband is Dr. Cliff Kuhn, the Laugh Doctor.

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