Conch Pearl Found While Helping a Fisherman

by Carl

Guadeloupe Conch Pearl

Guadeloupe Conch Pearl

I am a former military diver I practice my passion, snorkeling, in Guadeloupe for leisure.

While helping a fisherman I found a very rare conch pearl last week, while diving approximately 10 meter deep, it's not usual to find a conch so deep, so I bring it up.

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Sep 05, 2017
by: Cheri Gascard

Dear Carl:
Please be careful in the Hurricane Irma storm .
If all goes well ; after the storm-- Let me know if you find more beautiful conch pearls.
We always found things after storms.
Thank you .
C. Gascard

Aug 22, 2016
Still a good size
by: Kari

Hi Carl,

In mm it is still a good size and with all the other great characteristics it is a real winner for sure!

Neat that you plan on making something special for your wife. And neat that you found it while helping your neighbor. God is rewarding you!

Someone is asking if it's for sale so if you change your mind let me know.

Happy Diving! (even at 46!)

Aug 19, 2016
Thank you Kari
by: Carl

I'm very glad to share the pictures this beauty with you all (I hope I can keep it a little more and make another pics).

The scale of tape measure is in millimeters (10 millimeters = 1 cm, European scale), so it's not so big...

I was not a lover of pearls or jewelry at all, until this one made me change my mind, it's really beautiful.
The little story; I'm helping my fisherman neighbor some times, diving snorkeling at about 38/40 feet deep that's where I found the couch.
I'm amazed that I can still do it because I'm 46 years old...

I contacted a jewelry manufacturer in Paris to make one for my wife, his answer is something like 'I WANNA SEE IT, when can you come to Paris?'
Not to mention the dozens of people around the world who are already aware , which have already offered me prices (amazing)...

Aug 19, 2016
Congratulations on Finding a Rare Conch Pearl
by: Kari

Hello Carl,

Congratulations on finding a rare conch pearl. The color of your pearl is quite an amazing pink...very beautiful.

The whitish end could easily be covered up with a bail and not be seen at all.

I'm not sure what scale of tape measure you have but either way it is a rather large pearl as well, plus it has bright visible flame.

Nice shape too.

All those combine to make this a winning pearl of great quality.

I offer a service of selling conch pearls for folks like yourself on my site. Contact me if that might interest you.

See my guidelines here.

I appreciate you sharing your good fortune with my website readers!

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