Count Batthyani Pearl

The Count Batthyani Pearl is clouded with mystery and a setting for a perfect movie.

A curious history is connected with a beautiful black pearl (Austrian Court Journal, 1899.)which was at one time in the possession of Count Louis Batthyani, the premier of the revolutionary government of Hungary.

The count was shot in 1849, by the orders of a court martial, and on the eve of his execution he gave the pearl, which he had worn mounted on a scarf-pin, to his trusty and faithful valet.

The later left it to his son, who, when in straightened circumstances, sought to raise money upon the pearl.

The pawnbroker of the small town was distrustful of its value and took it to Budapest for appraisal.

There the suspicions of the authorities were aroused, an investigation was ordered, and it was finally discovered that the pearl had been stolen one hundred and fifty years before from the English crown.

The English government redeemed it for the sum of 2500 pounds ($12,500).

How it came into the possession of Count Batthyani is a mystery; probably he purchased it from some antiquarian.

Information on the Count Batthyani Pearl as recorded in 1908 by Kunz and Stevenson in "The Book of the Pearl".

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