Crab Pearl Lunch

by Randy Auman
(Sugar Hill, Ga USA)

While on lunch from work, I had decided to devour a King crab leg from the evening before. While waiting for a hot dog to nuke itself in the microwave, I bit into something hard while eating the crab meat that I had so proudly pulled from the shell in one piece. Thinking it was just a chunk of shell I spat the object into my hand and realized I was holding something that I had always thought to be a "fish story". Undoubtedly however to my surprise I was holding a crab pearl. Though not the most beautiful pearl and not worth more than the sore tooth that I now have, it is still a unique and interesting find. Happy hunting fellow Crab Pearl hunters and chew with care.

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May 21, 2009
by: Kari

Hi Randy...well, now you know that "crab pearls" are not fish stories...people find these quite often it appears. For everyone who posts their find here there must be scores of others who never think of posting.

I twittered your find a few days ago. I'm slowly getting the hang of twittering.

I hope you can put it in a cage pendant or some such thing so your "pearl" can be enjoyed and shown off. It will be an interesting conversation piece.

Thanks for taking the time to share. If you want to add a photo send it to me at karipearls(at)gmail(DOT)com

God bless and may you find many more pearls!

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