Decorating with Pearls

Decorating with pearls

High-end lighting designers like Jamie Young and Regina-Andrew Designs use pearls or mother-of-pearl in all manner of table lamps.

“I love to pair a mother-of-pearl lamp with a linen or burlap shade,” Harris says. “The contrast of the luster of the pearls to the nubby fabric is very interesting.”

Oly Studio uses shimmering mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles to frame mirrors, as well as inlays on accent tables. Anthropologie’s shimmering mosaic-tiled knobs, meanwhile, bring drama to any drawer.
Other accents

Pearl beads adorning pillows have an exotic air, like something from a tropical paradise. Sew or glue them to most any store-bought textiles. Fashion tiebacks or tassels for your window treatments to coordinate the look.

The bathroom offers exceptional opportunities for pearl accents. Consider embellishing:

1. Tissue boxes
2. Toothpaste holders
3. Cotton ball dispensers
4. Electrical outlet covers
5. Trays

On the table, use mother-of-pearl placemats (pretty and affordable versions are available at Bed Bath & Beyond). Collect or create pearl napkin rings or charms for your stemware or wrap a pearl-beaded wire around a white or ivory pillar candle for instant pop.

Finally, christen yourself a modern-day Coco Chanel and drape strings of pearls over your mantles or artfully pile them in a glass vase or bowl. Voila: Haute style in an instant!

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