Diana Fine Jewelry
Princess Diana Dolls

Princess Diana fine jewelry choices here for your Tyler and Princess dolls.

Princesses wear some of the most fantastic jewelry in the world. You can imagine, being a part of a famous royal family, they would be bejeweled with pearls, emeralds, rubies and more.

Now, if you're a doll collector, you can buy jewelry fit for a Queen right here.

Here you can purchase Diana fine jewelry made from Austrian crystal for your miniature Princess dolls. Enjoy several choices of this miniature crystal jewelry. Click on links for more options.

See my photos of the Princess' pearl Elvis dress after Diana fine jewelry.

I was sent an order of "pearl" baby bracelets some time back which was a misunderstanding, because I assumed I was ordering real freshwater pearls, but when they arrived they were a little too beautiful and perfect in shape, color, surface, in every way, and that's because the were not real freshwater pearls, but plastic ones only coated with pearl powder. Wow....what a disappointment. However, all is not lost. They make great baby bracelets all the same and I sell them locally in a few stores, plus a website guest suggested that I use them as doll necklaces and for that they are lovely. So, soon, I will get a page on my site and sell them as doll necklaces. I want to keep my baby bracelets on my site just real pearls, so moms don't get confused, but will offer the faux ones for dolls.

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