'Divine miracle' pearl

'Divine Miracle' Pearl (photo: http://www.emirates247.com)

'Divine Miracle' Pearl (photo: http://www.emirates247.com)

'Divine miracle' pearl

An exotic pearl, described as a “divine miracle” piece, is on show on Ras Al Khaimah and owners believe it is one of the rarest pearls ever found.

Viewers of the 408-carat pearl will be surprised as they will see scores of shapes and faces every time they scrutinize the piece.

“It is naturally carved…when taking a good look at the pearl, you can see a face of a baby, a child, an ageing man and other faces from different sides,” said Hassan Al Aoudi, director of the Natural Pearls Corporation in Australia.

“It is a divine miracle as it illustrates the ability of God the Almighty….every time you scrutinize the gem, you see more faces, shapes and dimensions…it is one of the rarest pearls,” he added, quoted by the Arabic language daily Alittihad.

The paper said the gem, measuring 50x37x41 mm, is on display at the “Wonders of natural pearls” show being held in Ras Al Khaimah.

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