Don't throw your pearls to the pigs!

Don't throw your pearls to the pigs!

Certainly in God's eyes (and mine) Sarah's children are pearls, treasures that are worthy of God's best but in India, children with special needs are often considered a curse or the result of the sin of a family member. Unloved and unappreciated for their unique beauty, these children were cast before the swine until Sarah found them.

Jaron is a perfect example of one of God's pearls that was thrown to the swine. When Sarah got him, Jaron had been left in a government hospital where he was starving, withering away to nothing, left laying in his bed (or more likely a mat on the floor), eaten up with 'bed' sores and covered in lice. Today, Jaron is really improving. His sores are healed, his lice is gone, and he soaks up any love and attention like a sponge. I have been making a point of spending time with Jaron every day. I go in and lay on his bed and just talk to him, sing to him, and pray for him. I tell him all about God and His son Jesus and heaven. I talk to him about running and jumping and playing one day in heaven and I even talk to him about snow cones. Yes, random I know but I love snow cones.

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