Dungeness Crab Pearl

by Mark
(Mercer Island, WA)

Last night I bought a dungeness crab at QFC. When I was eating it tonight, I was surprised to bite into something round and hard. Right away I thought it might be a pearl and figured that maybe the crab had eaten an oyster with a pearl in it.

However, since it looks just like the crab pearls on this website, I guess it must be a crab pearl. My wife does not think that it is very pretty and was not very impressed with my discovery. But I think it would be pretty cool if somebody made a necklace out of a bunch of crab pearls.

I like crab pearls. The End.

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Nov 18, 2009
Love your idea
by: Kari

Hi Mark,

I love your idea of making a necklace of crab pearls! It would be a unique & lovely item. I'm interested to see how these pearls hold up over time.

You might enjoy this post: Wikipedia's explanation

Thank you for sharing your find with us...I think it's pretty neat!

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