Dwarf grenadier in Green Vault, Dresden

Dwarf grenadier

Dwarf grenadier

Dwarf grenadier. Johann Heinrich Köhler (jeweler), Dresden, early 18th Century. Baroque pearl, gold, enamel, silver, gold, emeralds, rubies, diamonds. H 13.1 cm, W 5.2 cm, depth 5.2 cm. Green Vault, VI 85. © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

Johann Heinrich Köhler, who was recorded in 1701 in the Dresden goldsmiths' guild in 1718 and appointed to the court jeweler by August the Strong, to the fascinating topic of Perlfiguren he omnibus well as design elements in two of his magnificent clocks dedicated. The Green Vault secures five jeweler sculptures, which are characterized by the high artistic quality and superior implementation of various topics. The dwarf standing at attention as a grenadier, the grenadier cap is reminiscent of a dunce cap, appears to us as a caricature of a soldier. The representative uniform stands in contrast to the ostentatious sullen look of clumsy looking gnomes.
Source: http://www.alaintruong.com/archives/2013/08/26/27899124.html

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