Edible Oysters Now Grown in UAE

Now a new type of oyster is flourishing in the Persian Gulf -- the edible kind. And they could soon help the United Arab Emirates reduce its need to import up to 85% of its food, including European oysters.

It's all down to the work of Ramie Murray. Originally from Scotland, Murray grew up in Dubai, where he discovered a passion for aquafarming that led him initially to lobster farming and then to oysters.

Though largely considered a cold water delicacy, oysters actually thrive in the balmy waters of the UAE.

In northern European countries, where oysters are traditionally farmed, it takes three to four years to grow an oyster to market size.

However, in the warm waters off the coast of Fujairah, an emirate just two hours north east of Dubai, it only takes around eight to 12 months.

It's here that Murray established the country's first oyster farm, Dibba Bay Oysters, in 2016, producing popular Pacific cupped oysters.

Read entire article here: https://www.actionnewsnow.com/content/national/509369392.html?ref=392

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