Elephant Pearl - Rare

by Prakash

Elephant Pearl

Elephant Pearl

This is an elephant pearl.

Weight: 155.000gm
Carat: 775.00ct

Length: 17mm cm 6.6
Width: 12.5mm cm 4.9

Elisabeth Strack, in her wonderful comprehensive book called, Pearls, page 284, has this to say about elephant pearls.

So-called elephant pearls have a similar mysterious origin to coconut pearls, and they still cannot really be explained. They are said to come from within the large teeth of elephants and to have a yellowish colour. The pearls are considered to bring good luck, and they were already mentioned in early Arab writings.

Sanskrit literature calls the pearls "gajamukta" (elephant pearls) and speaks with devotion of these rarities. Their colour and consistency resembles ivory. Indian temples are said to have some pearls in their possession, and even Indian gemmologists speak of them.

In Sri Lanka, elephant pearls are also believed to exist, and they are called "gajamuthu". The formation of the "pearls" can possibly be described as a defensive reaction to injuries.

Other types of calcium formations that show a similar radial structure as pearls have been observed in animal bodies and also within the human body. Pearls are also reported to come from the poison glands of cobras. They are called "nagaratna".

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Jul 25, 2012
Buy & Selling Elephant
by: Kari

It is my understanding that the buying and selling of elephant "pearls" is illegal. I only have posted photos on my site for the sake of research and interest, since Elisabeth Strack has mentioned elephant "pearls" in her book, I am assuming that the photos would be of interest to some folks, but sorry, I am not promoting any buying or selling of these.

Mar 08, 2011
Huge "pearl"
by: Kari


Thank you for sharing photos and details about your elephant pearl. Just the fact that my friend, Elisabeth Strack, even mentions them in her book make them a fascinating topic for this site on all types of pearls.

I enjoyed seeing the close up details of this giant "pearl".

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