Father and Sister Found Many Pearls

by Eric Parker
(Edgewater Fl)

My father was a baysman his whole life and found several colors and shapes of pearls. My mother saved them and kept them in a glass vial. I believe my brother still has them. After our parents passed away he ended up with all of our parents' possessions.

My sister dug clams for years also and also found pearls that she has saved. They are beautiful and as for the clams my father used to catch when I was very young he sold them for for five dollars per thousand. That was in the late fifties and early sixties. As for now, I believe clams go for about 18 to 30 cents each on today's market depending on the grade (size) of the clam. That includes the pearl also if you are lucky enough to find one.


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Jan 04, 2008
What treasures!
by: Kari

Hi Eric,

What treasures to have pearls found by your father and sister. Sounds like lots of fun too and reminds me of the clamming days I hear about here in Muscatine, Iowa. Lots of folks around here still have a little envelope of pearls.

In case you're interested I talked with a fellow yesterday who pays about $200/carat for nice purple or lavender Quahog pearls. For white clam pearls the price is $50+/carat.

These natural pearls are most often sold by weight and other characteristics also count, like shape, condition, color, size.

There are maybe other markets as well, but that is at last one practical price point to consider, if you're thinking about selling your pearl.

Your local jeweler may be able to help you out with finding your pearl's carat weight.


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