Found 6 pearls in 2011

by Nolan

Natural Oyster Pearls

Natural Oyster Pearls

Been eating oysters for 30 years and never bit into a pearl until 2011. I lost the first 2 pearls, hence why the photo only has 4. The first one no big deal, just simply lost it, by the second one, starting to get interesting, but when I pulled my car keys from my pocket it flipped out in the parking lot, never to be found. When I found the 3rd one, I felt at that time something was up so really started to hold on to them. And 3 more came through out the remainder of that year. It was a crazy and stressful year so I can't even remember all the places and people I was with when each pearl was found.

The really crazy thing is that year I traveled across the country being with family for almost 8 months. I stayed with my first daughter in TX until she finally lost her battle with cancer, then a volunteer early retirement from a job of 33 years that I took, then spent time with second daughter in LA who had a baby girl born with brain damage due to stroke, then dad had heart attack so rushed over to AL to help his recovery. And in it all I did have many great times with my children, grandchildren and met many new friends. Watched my first daughter get baptized and got my 9 yr old grandson into church for his first time.

So for me, I have search for meaning in these pearls as they relate to that year, I do believe they are connected, I just can't believe it to just be coincidence. I am thinking of a type of leather necklace with a small pouch or pendent that will hold them.

Well that's my pearl story...Oh and haven't found another pearl yet but still enjoying my oysters!

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May 15, 2014
Oh my!
by: Kari

Hello Nolan,

Oh, my, what an amazing year you had and also amazing to find so many pearls in one year. I agree, it does sound like a plan and not just coincidence. Be encouraged. You are blessed in spite of hardships you and your family faced.

A suggestion would be to put the pearls in a series of pearl cages as pendants on a chain. I do have some pearl cages available if you give me the sizes of pearls I can give you an estimated cost for sterling silver.

Thanks for sharing! I love hearing about finding pearls!

God bless, Kari

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