Found A Crab Pearl!

So we were eating at a steak house and my mom ordered some crab legs... she was eating away and bit into what seemed like a pearl. we had no idea what it was and neither did the staff of the restaurant. Unfortunately they threw it out, but since we were curious we researched it and found this. Matches the same description as some of the others... hard, pearl like, bluish in color, but not a circle, more of an oval shape... interesting stuff

the manager is digging through garbage now trying to find it for my mom :/

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Nov 26, 2009
King Crab Pearls
by: Jerry Mackey

I bought some King Crab Legs at the local store and as I ate I bit into not just one but six Relativly round white objects that resemble pearls. I honestly didn't know King Crab could manufacture pearls. I've retained them for others to see.

Sep 19, 2009
by: Kari

Hi, Now I am curious...did you find he crab pearl again? Even those these are not real pearls..they do have similarities and they are fun and interesting items.

Let me know if you recovered it. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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