Found A Natural Pearl In Old Box Of Seashells

by Margaret Van Dyke
(Struthers, Ohio, USA)

A Pearl Saved From The Trash

A Pearl Saved From The Trash

Finally decided to clean out our basement, a job I find disgusting.

Came across an old box of seashells I collected from
a Florida beach about 20 years ago. Decided the box was headed for trash pick up after hanging in the basement for many years.
The box of seashells actually made it outside next to our trash bin.
My grandson was with me and wanted to see my old collection and pick out a few shells to keep.
We dragged the box in then lifted it onto a table,
no easy task since it was full of both shells and sand.
While sifting through the contents a white round object rolled out. I believe it was a natural pearl.
This pearl is about 4 to 5 karats, fairly heavy and opaque. The pearl is mostly white with a barely visible gray cast under bright lighting. Striations are visible upon closer view and it is not perfectly round. A tiny piece of string like fiber was attached to one end but quickly fell off.
We were so excited. I believe it is a natural salt water pearl.
Have not decided what my next step is but it is not going to the curb for trash pick up.
A beautiful reward following a dreaded task.

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Mar 05, 2015
by: Shamna

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Jun 19, 2013
Conch pearl?
by: Alison

From your photo and description, seems like it's a natural conch pearl? It appears to be very close to round. The 'striations' you mention could be the flame pattern, desirable in conch pearls.

May 25, 2013
Oh, my
by: Kari

Hi Margaret,

I've heard some strange stories, but I think yours beats them all. It must have been quite a hefty box of shells you had there. Wow, I can imagine how glad you were to have your grandson want to take a look inside. Yes, I will say you were rewarded for your efforts. It's hard to part with long kept collections but sometimes things have to go.

Congratulations on finding a pearl in your almost trash! Your grandson will always cherish the memory of that day with grandma.

Thanks for sharing and for the photo!

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