Found a pearl in a king crab leg?

by Betsy
(San Diego, Ca)

Went to Bully's East Restaurant and Sports Bar in San Diego on Superbowl Sunday/2015. I ordered king crab legs at halftime. While pulling the meat out of the claw, a round white ball fell out. It is white with a touch of pastel hue to it. It is about twice the size of a pea and it has a little weight to it. The pearl is relatively round with some small indentations and lines in it. At first I thought it was some type of egg but that hypothesis didn't fit the circumstances of it being in a crab claw. The patrons sitting around me starting saying it was a pearl. I looked it up on the net and saw that a handful of other people have had the same experience with king crab legs. However, I could not find an answer as to what this object is. Can anyone advise?

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