Found a pearl in King Crab legs on Valentine's Day

Not so interesting story.. my hubby was eating and lightly bit down on something hard. He pulled it out and it was a slightly rectangular "pearl" that came out of the meat on the crab leg. It was about the size of a split pea or so and white. It was pretty hard, and we figured maybe a small piece of sand or something was like an irritant and it slowly turned into a pearl, like regular pearls. I was hoping it was a lucky thing or something.. It was lucky he didn't bite down hard and his teeth were okay I guess. A valentine crab pearl. The crab was delicious, so we enjoyed it anyway..

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Feb 15, 2010
I think it IS interesting!
by: Kari


I think your story IS interesting. Even though these "pearls" do not appear to have value, they are still special and I love hearing about them. One fellow who posted would like to see a necklace made of that would be unique.

I am glad too that no teeth were injured and that the crab was tasty and I hope you enjoy your keepsake pearl in someway for years to come.

Thank you for sharing!

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