Found a Pearl in Maine

by Melodie Murray

It is quite exciting to find a pearl! I was walking along a rocky beach with my daughter and saw a Mussel shell lying open with a pearl on it. The pearl is stuck in the shell and not loose. It appears round and cream colored. I know not all are worth a lot but I was wondering if it is worth less because it is stuck in the shell?

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May 27, 2013
Yes, blister pearls have less value
by: Kari

Hi Melodie,

Thanks for sharing about finding a blister pearl on a mussel shell. Yes, blister pearls have less value than a loose pearl, but like you said it was exciting to find it just the same and if it had been loose you wouldn't have had the opportunity to find it as it would have rolled away long ago. Blister pearls can be almost every bit as lovely as a loose pearl. You can see 3 large blister pearls in my header. they are all white and very lustrous. Any one of them would make a lovely piece of jewelry although the biggest one might be a little too big. More of a paper weight for that one. Thanks again.

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