Found a pearl on Beach in Hawaii on last day of Honeymoon

by Vince Wells
(USA )

pearl found on beach in Hawaii

pearl found on beach in Hawaii

So earlier today, the last day of my honeymoon in Kauai, I took my new wife to a couple favorite secluded beaches. I always find myself beachcombing, I just can't help but look in hopes of finding the occasional full perfect shell, or a nice puka or cat eye. As we were leaving the first beach my eye caught a more shimmering, spherical little object. I picked it up and began examining it, and I can come to no other conclusion then it is a seemingly natural, fairly round (yet not so completely perfect that it appears man made) pearl. It's very "pearl" white. It has a little imperfection on one spot, where I'm assuming, if it is a true pearl, it would attach to the mollusk shell. I'm having a hard time believing this just came out of the ocean and I happened to find it right there in the sand, but I can't make any other sense of it. It looks natural and without alteration to have been fitted in a piece of jewelry previously. I can post a photo when I have some better daylight tomorrow, but for now I wanted to shoot this out there and see if anyone has ever heard of anything like this before, and also in relation to the location?

Thanks and Mahalo

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