Found a Pink Conch Pearl

by Shorn
(Bahamas )

Pink Conch Pearl

Pink Conch Pearl

I went fishing today and while taking the conch from the shell, I discovered the pink pearl. What is the value? I'll include a picture. Found in the Bahamian seas.

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Apr 29, 2016
Wow, lucky you!
by: Kari

Hello Shorn,

Wow, lucky you. I talked with some fellows who have spent much of their lives in the Bahamas and they told me that some fishermen there have never found a conch pearl during their entire lives, while others find them more frequently, so can know that your conch pearl is a rare find!

It is also a beautiful pearl with a nice pink color.

There is a wide range of value for conch pearls depending upon many factors such as color and the fact that yours is pink is a big plus.

Natural pearls are normally, but not always, sold by carat weight, so you should have yours weighed.

The presence of "flame" adds to the value. From the photo I don't see any visible flame but it is hard to tell from a photo alone.

It's also difficult to tell the size from the photo but your pearl would be worth, in my opinion no less than $200/carat and some would say no less than $500/carat and the price goes up depending upon other factors as size, shape, etc.

So, ask a kind local jeweler to weigh it for you and then you can do a rough estimate.

I offer a service of selling conch pearls for folks on a commission basis. There is no fee to list it. If that interests you, please Contact me and I'll give you the link to do that.

Kind regards and consider yourself blessed!

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