Found my first pearl!!!

by Diane Lennon
(Williamsburg Mass. USA)


On Friday May 8th 2009 I was having lunch at The Brewmasters Tavern w/my daughter Brittni in Williamsburg Mass.. We were going home to get her sister ready for the prom. We both love fried oysters. As I was eating an oyster I felt something hard. I thought, could this be what I think it is. Yes, it was my first pearl! I showed my daughter, we were so excited. We smiled and felt, there must be some significance to my finding this pearl. We felt lucky, we had just received a gift. From what I have read, 1 in 50,000 find pearls. It looks like it could be a Scallop pearl or a Muscatine Pearl there is a little brown on it and pear in shape.

Maybe they bring good luck or are good luck. I was hoping to get an answer.

All the best,

Diane Lennon

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May 09, 2009
Oyster pearl
by: Kari

Hi Diane,

Your pearl is very new to you...only one week old. I'm glad you found these fun "found a pearl" pages so you could share your "good luck" with so many pearl lovers.

Since you found your pearl in an oyster, it is an oyster pearl, rather than a scallop pearl, which would be a pearl found in a scallop mollusk.

I think I have confused many people with calling pearls, "Muscatine" pearls. I will explain. I live in the city of Muscatine, Iowa which is on the Mississippi River and our city is famous for shell or "pearl" buttons. For many years our city was filled with button factories and many people gathered shells from the river. Often they would find pearls....pearls which I have called "Muscatine" pearls, but they are more technically freshwater Mississippi pearls. Because I know many people who have these pearls tucked away in envelopes or jars I wanted to add a special section just for them...sorry for the confusion.

At any rate...yes, it is very special to find a pearl and it seems like you were hoping to find one, which makes finding one even more exciting.

I certainly do hope your life will be filled with good things!

I appreciate you sharing! Thanks.

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