Found one in an oyster at a chinese buffet and more stories of pearls found

by Blake Floyd, Chris, Lelanie, Beth & Mitch
(Dalton,GA, NC, FL, USA & South Africa)

Kari's note: I'm joining several "found a pearl" entries on one page because they are each short.

I was eating a raw oyster at my favorite Chinese buffet and I almost broke a tooth on it.

Kari's reply: Congratulations! It's thrilling to find a pearl...and I'm glad you did not break a tooth. Thanks for the photo! I love photos.


Did I found a crab pearl in a oyster?

Chris from NC

So the other day we went to our local seafood place and got takeout. I couldn't wait to get home so I pulled out a fried oyster and took a bite and almost broke my tooth. It was a pearl!

The only pearl on this site that is looks like is the crab pearl, but it came from a oyster.

Kari's reply: Chris, if you found your pearl in an oyster, then it is an oyster pearl. Most pearls from edible oysters have little value, but still they are pearls which are fun to find and make nice keepsakes....again, sorry no tooth was broken! Thanks for sharing!


Finding an Oyster pearl in South Africa by

Me and my Husband went to dinner and love ordering Oysters. I bit into something hard and I thought is was part of the shell so when he took it out of
his mouth it was a pearl.

Kari's reply: Wow, neat...congratulations on finding a pearl and thanks for telling me about it. I once found a small "rice crispy" shaped pearl in oysters and it was a thrill. I hope you can do something special with your newly found pearl.



I was eating an oyster and the pearl was still attached to the shell when I saw it ....How do we remove it from the shell or should we???

Kari's reply: Beth, sometimes attached pearls can be carefully knocked off, other times they must be cut out leaving part of the shell as a backing. It's entirely up to you whether or not to keep it intact or cut it out depending upon what you desire to do with it. I found a blister pearl the other day in a Mississippi River clam and am going to leave attached to the shell as a conversation piece.

Thank you too, for sharing.

Fossil Hunting

Mitch H

Port Charlotte, Fla

I look for fossils & found some pearls & shells too.

Kari's reply: Thanks for letting me know about finding pearls when looking for fossils. You are not the first one to share about this. It would be nice to see some photos and learn more details about your finds. I appreciate you sharing.

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Jun 19, 2013
The Thrill of Discovery
by: Anonymous

It seems that the size and quality don't really seem to matter, the DISCOVERY is what matters and what makes each experience so exciting!!

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