Found pearl in an oyster in the San Juan Islands (salt water, Puget Sound)

by Allison

I noticed a full oyster shell on the beach in the San Juan Islands in Washington. I gently opened it and noticed a pearl kind of stuck to the shell inside. I shook it and it came out.

All the research I have done points me toward a Pacific Oyster, but I'm not certain what type of oyster or pearl this is.

I was so excited to find it, as I've been searching for one for as long as my grandparents have owned property in the San Juans! Finally found one!

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Oct 30, 2023
Way cool NEW
by: Anonymous

I've always wanted to find a pearl from a oyster or something from around here. The closest I've got is a bullhead fish regurgitated a fish pearl, or fish stone, or matsya mani as it's known across the seas. Also made in jewelry, though mine was of the much more common half-sphere that was mainly white with some faint layering. Not sure what I ever did with it.

Apr 09, 2013
You'll have us all looking
by: Kari

Hi Allison,

You'll have us all looking more closely at shells on the beach now! This isn't the first time I've heard of someone finding a pearl that way. Especially since you've been looking for such a long time, I'm glad you found one. It reminds me and how much time I've spent looking for arrowheads on my dad's farm. He finally felt so sorry for me that he gave me a tomahawk that he had found. It's one of my treasures as I'm sure your pearl will be. It looks like a nice drop pearl. Would be a great pendant.

Thank you for sharing your good fortune!

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