Found pearls in my sea shells I collected from beaches of Florida and North Carolinia

by Brenda Townsend
(Parkersburg WV USA)

When I go to the beach I look for shells that are uniqiue and have some color. I have only been to beaches of North Carolina, east coast of Florida and Key West. I placed them in a clear glass container with some sand. I have had them in my bathroom for several years, when one day I noticed a shell opened up and inside to my amazement were two small dark grey pearls. I was certainly stunned. My first thoughts was my husband or my son had pulled some prank on me, but they denied anything. I truly believe these are a true treasure from the ocean. I have not taken them to a jeweler yet still pondering what I would like to do with them, like a ring or necklace. I discovered these about four years ago in my collection. Two years come March I was blessed with another treasure , twin granddaughters. I have been thinking maybe a necklace for each of them for when they are older. The pearls may not be of much value, money wise, but to me they are my own treasure.

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