Found this pearl eating oysters on the half shell ON MY BIRTHDAY!

by Nikole
(Cincinnati, OH)

this shot shows the spot, the rest is white......

this shot shows the spot, the rest is white......

WOW! Was I surprised when I felt something hard in the middle of my delicious raw oyster appetizer!! My boyfriend took me to one of my favorite restaurants for my birthday and this was one of the best presents EVER!

I have no idea where they buy their oysters and don't really know much about pearls at all, but have recently become quite interested. LOL

It's mostly white and ovalesque with a kind of purple-ish spot that sticks out a bit like a little bruised bump. It's about 1/4" in length and slightly less wide. I haven't done anythng to it save for spit it out into my hand and put it in a little container. It does not have any sort of luster to it, actually kind of a milky look... and I don't know if it should, or whether it would have to be polished to become shiny. Any advice?

Is this pearl worth anything other than sentimental value? What are the odds of a find like this?

Thanks for your help. Pics are attached, but are poor quality because I only have a phone camara.

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Feb 24, 2010
very rare. eat alot of them
by: Tim

Ive been eating raw oysters for about 10 years. Im 27 now. So far I've found about 20 or 30 of these little guys, mine are perfectly round but kinda grey.. Finding them is very rare.
I eat alot of oysters. Taking my fiends out to dinner and right after i order about 3 dozen oysters for myself i ask my friends if they have ever found one, after i find one, i show them :)

Jun 18, 2008
Connie & Kari
by: Nikole

Thanks so much for the good wishes!! Best blessings to you and yours too :)

Jun 17, 2008
Birthday Girl
by: Connie

Happy Birthday, Nikole! I predict a happy year for you!

Jun 16, 2008
Happy Birthday!
by: Kari

Hi, Wow....yes, it's pretty special to find a pearl on your birthday. I'd say the chances of that are VERY slim.

Your pearl is unique with the little purple bump on it. I think it would be lovely in a keepsake ring.

As far as value, unless you have it appaised it's difficult to put a price on a natural pearl, but for sure, it's worth a lot to you as a once-in-a-lifetime birthday gift.

Thanks for sharing!

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