Found this while shucking oysters at work

by Annie
(Hickman, KY)

I work at a restaurant that serves fresh oysters on Friday and Saturday night. While I was shucking oysters tonight I think I found a pearl. But not sure. Please help

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Jul 10, 2021
I Found 2 Pearl's yesterday shucking "OYSTERS" At Work

I work at a Restaurant in St Petersburg Fl We Get Our "OYSTERS" From Louisiana Yesterday while shucking I found not 1 but 2 Pearl's they are tiny 1 is white 1 is blue. Yes I was shucking oysters not clams or scallops I am originally from New England Rhode Island to be exact so I know my shell fish.

May 21, 2018
Looks like a pearl to me!
by: Kari

Hello Annie,

It looks like a pearl to me but please give me more exact details. I know we use the term "oyster" as a general term but could you be more specific?

Were you maybe shucking Little Neck clams? Then it would be a quahog pearl.

Or, it even looks a bit like a scallop pearl. Were you shucking scallops?

For an edible oyster pearl it looks more shiny and also a big large.

Please give more specific details! Thanks! Kari

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