Found what could be an abalone pearl amongst grandfathers old tools

by Gail
(Australia, NSW)

Abalone pearl?

Abalone pearl?

I came across a small plastic bag with a small hard rock like object when I was clearing up my husbands shed. His grandfather had given him some old tools before he had passed away and it was in one of the boxes. When I googled it I figured it was an abalone pearl but thought it was only worth a few dollars. I came across it again today and thought I'd look it up again and realised that if it is one it could be worth a lot more.
Pop was 98 when he died and had travelled all over Australia so we have no idea of where he may have got it from.
Who would I see in Australia to find out for sure if it is a pearl and what it would be worth? It has had a tiny hole drilled in it so I am assuming it was worn as a pendant

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Apr 05, 2016
Looks like an abalone pearl
by: Kari

Hello Gail, From the photo it looks like it possibly is an abalone pearl. I would take it to local jewelers who hopefully could confirm that it is a pearl. Keep trying. Not all may understand such a thing.

Funny to find it among old tools but a neat gift if it is indeed a natural abalone pearl.

Once confirmed, you are welcome to list it for sale on my site. No fee to list. You might want to add a chain so it is complete, ready to wear.

Let me know if you have questions and thanks for sharing.

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