Gabriella Knots a Mikimoto Pearl Bracelet

by Gabriella
(Dallas, TX, USA)

2nd attempt

2nd attempt

Hi I can't tell you how helpful this was. I was going through my mom's jewelry case and we found one of her nice mikimoto pearl bracelets we thought was lost had really just snapped and had fallen behind the drawers of the box- so I undertook to fix it. the first attempt was a little rough I used regular cotton sewing thread because I figured it wouldn't go well the first time why waste good silk thread. I couldn't get regularly spaced knots until I started using a set of tweezers to tighten and place each knot. All in all I'm really proud of how the final bracelet turned out- next time I may try to see if I can do a neater connection to the last clasp.

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Nov 28, 2016
Good Job, Gabriella
by: Kari

Nice job. Thanks for sharing your new found skill. Wow and on a Mikimoto bracelet! That's a treasure for sure.

Keep up the good work. I'm glad my tutorial was helpful.

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