Galanteriewarenhändler, probably Dresden to 1720-1730. Baroque pearls, gold, enamel, silver, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, glass. 13.3 x 9.3 x 6.5 cm. VI 89. Green Vault. © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

A hitherto unknown gold workers can be attributed in part from significant three Perlfiguren format that probably all came against 1730 in the Green Vault. Besides the "gallantry dealer" is this to Samson Slaying the Lion (VI, 107) and a Swiss guard (VI 112). Travelling road or represented at markets and fairs dealer that offered luxury items, were part of the late Baroque economic system. Fancy but were also part of the repertoire of the royal "Development", held on the occasion of court festivities. In these so-called Mercerien found distributors of luxury goods their real audience. Members of the court nobility played in this context, but also once the trader. In the present Galanteriehändler it seems to be around such a representative of the first object in the mask of a man's trade. In his belly, he offers shop in miniatures to small items. These include a mirror, a pair of scissors, a pair of glasses, buckles, and a bell. The Perlfigur Galanteriewarenhändlers of the container itself but was also usable for luxury items. Hidden in the upper part of the base is a drawer of knives and scissors, a small, narrow box and an ear spoon with needle lie. These hygiene products were also ornamented with precious gems and enamel as the entire base area of Perlfigur. The base of all three Perlfiguren are of high quality craftsmanship. But the unknown goldsmith did not have the sophistication and artistic sensibility of a Girardet or Kohler. The rather schematic faces appear through the diamond in her eyes now black mask-like oxidized siilver settings yet. Another Stileigentümlichkeit are painted with the checkered black and white floor tiles fields.

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