Galatea Pearls Changing Jewelry World

Galatea Pearls Changing Jewelry World

A jeweller's creative force is changing the industry.

'When an oyster swallows a grain of sand, it feels discomfort. It begins to ease the pain by applying many coats of pearl. It is rather ironic then, that so much beauty can be created out of such discomfort."

This paragraph was written in a love letter jeweller Chi Galatea Huynh penned to his wife many years ago. That small observation, used by Huynh to illustrate the triumph of love over hard times in life, became the starting point for a lifetime of the exploration of beauty.

It was that small observation that sparked the ground-breaking invention of a range of technologies never used before in jewellery making. These technologies, discovered by Huynh, have gone on to win numerous industry awards, and have been described as the future of the jewellery industry.

It all started with a pearl. Inspired by the paragraph he wrote to his wife, Huynh drilled a hollow in a pearl and placed a diamond inside, creating a unique style of jewellery.

The jewellery was hugely successful, and sold widely throughout the United States. But this wasn't enough for Huynh; his small discovery had started a creative force inside him that couldn't be stopped.

A few years later he began thinking, "what if I placed a gemstone inside an oyster, instead of a piece of grit? Would the oyster grow a pearl to cover it?"

He travelled to Tahiti, the pearl farming capital of the world, and attempted to get people interested but the Tahitian pearl farmers said it couldn't be done.

Unfazed, Huynh returned to his home of Vietnam. The warm Vietnamese waters were perfect for cultivating pearls, and he set up a small pearl farm and began educating the locals to become pearl farmers.

After much trial and error, Huynh created his first gem in a pearl, which he named Galatea. The Galatea Pearls are carefully carved with intricate designs, exposing the coloured gem inside.

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