GIA CERTIFIED..Natural Saltwater Strand of Graduated Persian Pearls

Persian Gulf Necklace

Persian Gulf Necklace

Type of pearl:

Natural Saltwater, Persian Gulf, Pinctada radiata

Carat Weight:
6.80 grams or 34 carats


Size in mm:
5.18mm to 1.85mm

Number of pearls: 213

White with an Orient Overtone

Location of Origin:
Persian Gulf..via the Pinctada radiata mollusk

Clasp Metal Type:
14K yellow gold with numerous transparent near-colorless round brilliants

Unique Features:
Beautiful clasp filled with diamonds. Matching in the size and shape of the pearls in the graduated style are one of a kind Rare and hard to come by via this type of natural saltwater pearl. The orient overtone is a prized feature amongst pearl gurus that know what to look for in a great pearl species.

Gia Certified on April 2010 USA
GIA Certification number: 2125011847

This a a very special strand of was given to me gradually one by one my birthday ever since I was Born in 1979 up until I turned 21 and my granny ordered the 14K gold and diamond clasp to seal the pearls with a timeless and brilliant clasp. My family heritage is quite interesting and unique just like these pearls are the same. I am the great grand-daughter of the former senator/governor of the State of Louisiana named Huey Pierce Long. He was famous political figure that was known for all he did to make Louisiana a state to be proud of...he was a hero to the common man and a pain to the men that controlled the wealth of the State because he would find ways to rob the rich to give to the poor. He provided public school kids with textbooks for free, built all the roads and bridges that helped the state to grow and that's just the beginning. He was however assassinated by one of Roosevelt's close family members because he was going to run for President and Roosevelt would probably not be the victor. I was raised in a family that has a strong sense of heritage, tradition, and pride and my grandmother provided me with a wonderful family heirloom that has a timeless place in my heart when she gave me this necklace beginning when I was born and being completed when I turned 21 years old. Very top end can't get a more perfect natural saltwater pearl than these Persian pretties! You won't ever regret giving a gift like this to your loved one or cherishing it as your own.

Price: $3.000 SOLD!
It was appraised at $8,000-$9,000 by Sid Potts in Shreveport, LA in 2010 after they had received the GIA certification on my pearls.

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