Giant clams released into the wild in the Philippines


June 2008 - Philippines. A fresh batch of 40 True Giant Clams (Tridacna gigas) have just completed the journey from rearing laboratories in Bolinao to their new homes on Santelmo Reef.

Santelmo Reef is the Hamilo Coast's prized snorkelling site. An area once blasted by dynamite fishers, it has, with help from WWF -been regenerating for several years. Here new corals sprout alongside giant Porites boulders encrusted with legions of Christmas tree worms. WWF-Project Manager Paolo Pagaduan says "It's amazing how fast Santelmo's fauna has returned. Corals, invertebrates and even large reef fish are being seen more frequently."

102 True Giant Clams have already been planted 80 metres off Pico de Loro Cove last November. With an additional 35 underway, Hamilo's True Giant Clam population will exceed 170. "It is hoped that baby clam recruits will eventually appear to seed outlying areas in Batangas." adds Pagaduan.

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