Giant South Sea Pearl

Giant South Sea Pearl

This is one precious gem that is not for sale.

Owned by Cygnet Bay Pearls, Australia's oldest cultured pearl farm, it is perhaps the world's biggest fine-quality round pearl.

It is back home in Broome after touring the globe to substantiate the claim.

Round, white pearls are the most valuable pearls - and bigger sizes the hardest to grow.

Unblemished, with a sought-after white-pink hue, it is twice the size of an average South Sea pearl - measuring 22mm and weighing 156g.

In possibly the most effective method to ensure it was the world's biggest pearl, Cygnet Bay's distributor, Autore Pearls, exhibited the pearl at trade fairs and found no dispute to the claim.

See photo of giant South Sea pearl and read more about it.

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