"Girl in Pearls" Country Life magazine

"Girl in Pearls" Country Life magazine

But newly-wed Heidi Bourne has triumphantly got the last laugh. She has been chosen to grace the pages of the upper-crust Country Life magazine as one of its famous “Girls In Pearls”.

In a move that looks bound to grate with mother-in-law Carolyn Bourne, she will follow in the footsteps of some of the grandest families in the land.

Past Girls In Pearls include Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Phillips, the Duchess of Bedford, Lord Hurd’s daughter Jessica, the Duke of Argyll’s daughter Louise and the then unmarried Kate Middleton.

“It is the perfect slap in the face for her mother-in-law who was so cruel,” said a source close to Heidi, 29, and her new husband Freddie Bourne.

“Heidi found all the attention on her wedding day very stressful but was happy to pose before the wedding for Country Life because that is a very diff­erent sort of thing.”

Carolyn Bourne, a renowned horti­culturalist of Dawlish, Devon, became notorious worldwide after criticising Heidi, a personal assistant, prior to her marriage to Mrs Bourne’s privately educated stepson.

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