Girl with a pearl!!!

Our family has gathered for almost 15 years for "crab leg night", and have never seen a crab leg pearl. On March 12th 2010, we picked crab legs up from an Albertsons store in Yuma, AZ and couldn't wait to have dinner! Imagine our surprise when we discovered the "pearl". It was in the leg near the joint. We thought it was a weird bone growth or even a tumor of some sort. After googling different possibilities we discovered this site and after looking at the other photos, we realized that we too, had a "pearl"! It has different shades of the crab leg, and we think it resembles a little "brain". It seems to have changed color a bit and it seems a little harder than when we first saw it. Enjoy our "pearl" we are saving ours, and are going to bring it out at all of our "crab leg nights" in the future!!

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Jun 16, 2017
Crab pearl
by: Anonymous

I found a crab pearl today inside the crab leg.. Not sure what to do.. So i search and found this website. Anyone with past experience please suggest

Mar 15, 2010
Wow...a neat photo
by: Kari

I love the photo of your crab pearl. I did not see it before, so I was surprised to go here and see the great photo. I love it when people add a photo. It just adds so much to a post to actually see what folks are talking about. Someone on here said he'd like to see a necklace of crab pearls. That would certainly be a unique piece of jewelry.

Maybe you'll find another crab pearl someday. I'm glad you found my site so you could share your wonderful discovery with all of us.

God bless! And thanks again for taking the time to share.

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