by J A C Q U E L I N E S U L L I V A N

"Girls to Pearls" A Young Woman’s Guide to Living Life Freely, Loving God Naturally, and Surviving Puberty Successfully

by J A C Q U E L I N E S U L L I V A N

“When I was growing up there
really weren’t many venues
where young women
could just lay their questions
out on the table and have
those questions answered
truthfully from a Biblical

The making of a pearl is no easy task. It is one that requires all the right ingredients to come together all at the right time. Somewhere deep in a blue ocean, a rushing river, or a murky pond or lake, far away from the grasp of human hands, lies a living oyster; isolated to the world, enclosed by its own shell, and sheltered from the colorful and sometimes dangerous world undersea.

The oyster goes about its life hidden on the sandy floor day in and day out, being passed by fish and other sea creatures.

An oyster doesn’t have legs or fins, so it can’t go where it wants, anytime it wants. It is only bumped, pushed, and carried around to other places
by other animals or carried away by the current. The life of an oyster is pretty simple, until one day...

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