got a pearl from an oyster at red lobster

by janira rivera
(tobyhanns PA)

at Red Lobster

at Red Lobster

Ordered oysters at Red Lobster like my husband And I always do. I was on my third oyster bit something hard I took it out my mouth so see what

In the world it was. For my surprise it was a Pearl :)
We were very excited and so were all the workers in the restaurant.

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Nov 26, 2013
Pearl in my Oyster
by: DianeAnonymous

I was eating oysters at Angler Restuarant in Eldon Street in the City of London, on 22nd November '13 and low and behold to my surprise I found a pearl its not large and its not small but I love it - it made me feel happy.
I couldn't believe my eyes.

May 25, 2013
How neat
by: Kari

Hi Janira, How neat to find a pearl. I found one in an oyster to years ago. I still remember the thrill and thought I had it safely tucked away in a jewelry box, but now cannot find it. I hope you have better luck keeping track of yours than I did. Natural pearls are always special no matter what size or quality, especially if you find one yourself! Thanks for sharing and for the nice photo!

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