Harlequin with mask and Negro Bobblehead

Harlequin with mask and Negro Bobblehead

Harlequin with mask and Negro Bobblehead

Harlequin with mask and Negro Bobblehead, probably Frankfurt, before 1706. Baroque pearls, gold, enamel, silver, gold, diamond, ruby, rock crystal, Muschelkamee. H 11.0 cm, W 5.3 cm, D 3.7 cm. Green Vault, VI 126. © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

Clothing and habit of standing Harlequin correspond to the traditional representation. He wears a tight-fitting costume with the typical diamond pattern in shimmering translucent enamel in blue, dark green, turquoise, yellow to amber and brown. On his left wrist dangles the boards or wooden sword, called the inventory "Prizsche". His face is covered by a black mask as part of his presentation often.The prancing step, the akimbo side arms and the bobble head figure out the stage as though witty, but at the same time also somewhat naive and clumsy jester in mind. Like many other Perlfiguren was acquired by the resident in Frankfurt Huguenot jeweler Guillaume Verbecq also this Harlequin. The base whose shape is typical of the acquired Verbecq works on the obverse is an oval Muschelkamee that is hidden by a rock crystal. The relief made in the finest stone carving work shows simultaneous display of three scenes in a story from Ovid's Metamorphoses after an engraving by Crispijn van de Passe. The sculptor Pygmalion falls in love for the verfertigte of him still a virgin (Galatea), the Venus to his supplication back to life. The Muschelkamee is fitted into an enameled plaque with a flower pattern, which is very similar in form to many Augsburg Email vessels of the early 18th Century met.
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