Head Gardener Knightsbridge

I love it when shop owners dispel the myth of super-size cities being unfriendly....cities like London, England and streets like Knightsbridge.

So, just what happens when an Iowa farmer's wife wanders into a hair salon on Knightbridge looking for a reasonably priced banana clip. Sure, I'm used to looking for things like that at our local Walmart....but, ummmm, funny thing, I don't spot a Walmart here on Knightsbridge. Dare I even look in one of "these places"?

My husband, Mark and daughter, Sarah, knowing I was wanting a new banana clip bought me three lovely ones for my trip to the UK. But, my hair must be thinning or something...it just wasn't thick enough to keep the clip from gradually and annoyingly slipping off my hair, causing me to constantly readjust it, all the while pulling a suitcase and carrying a laptop case.

Sore Feet

Add this to the fact that I carelessly avoided my daughter, Sarah's (age14) advice to NOT wear my spike-heeled boots when traveling. (It's so embarrassing when my children grow wiser than myself....). To put it mildly....MY FEET WERE SLOWLY KILLING ME! Even as I entered the car for the airport, in my classy, sophisticated spike boots, she was warning, "Nooooooo, Mama, nooooooo!"

Oh, please mothers, LISTEN to your children. After all, you've raised them well. Trust their wisdom. It took over a week to get over the bruises and blisters.

Message from God

I ended up in front of the Head Gardener window, which was filled with brilliant hair clips elaborately decorated with colorful glass, because I felt I had a word from God for a young man I saw drinking coffee at a near-by shop. I stopped so I could write down the message: "God works through your choices." As I turned to go back a few paces and deliver the message, there the young man stood, right beside me. I said, "Here, this is a message from God for you."

He replied, "I don't believe in God." And avoided grasping the note.

"Well, then take it because it's also my business card for KariPearls."

That did the trick, he took the card. John and I had a minor discussion about the reality of God, which to me is absolutely ridiculous to even have a discussion about...OF COURSE THERE'S A GOD! AND HE LOVES YOU! But I do realize that some have slipped away from such basic truths and need a prodding or reminder of them.

This happened on 9-14...exactly the day that God told me to go to the UK. I'd hoped that at least something would happen, some message, some encounter, anything to mark my entry on the soil of UK on the appointed date.

I pray that John will find his creator and meaning in His son, Jesus.

Head Gardener Hair Salon

Anyway, that's how I ended up starring into the window of the Head Gardener. I ventured in to seek an affordable clip.

Are you like me? At the beginning of trips I'm a totally tightwad. Not spending an extra penny on anything. Half way through the trip, I loosen up, "Hey, that's neat, I like that. I'll buy that." Then, again, at the end, when I realize that my budget has been somewhat stretched and I might slip over the red line, I become "Mrs. Tightwad" again, staying at hostels....ohhhh, don't ask me about hostels, just yet, ok?

So, just what did they have in the line of banana clips. I cautiously went in and looked the walls of items over, not discovering any banana clips, not even expensive ones.

I must have worn a drastic expression on my face...after all...MY FEET WERE SLOWLY KILLING ME! because Tony Tenconi, the owner of Head Gardener, came up to me and asked, "Are you alright?"

I answered, "No, I"m not. My hair keeps slipping out of this clip. I need a tighter one."

So Tony looked his walls over and not discovering any banana clips either and after examining mine, he said, "I'll look and see what I have downstairs." And off he hustled down to his basement.

Now, I was a little worried, what if, after all his efforts, he produced a brilliant banana clip...but one that was expensive and out of my price range? Would I feel obligated to purchase it after all this tender personal care?

Up Toni came with two clips one black and one brown. Perfect, I thought, but what about the price? "2.95 pounds," was his reply.

Oh, good, I could manage that, even if it's double in USD. Thankfully, I purchased the clip and wore a secure hairdo once again.

So....THANK YOU Toni and staff for you helpful ways and dispelling myths about big cities and high class sounding street names.

After seeing Mr. Tenconi"s card and motto, "You Grow it, We Mow it," I was reminded of a car my children told me about where the owner somehow managed to glue on grass seed and cover the car with growing grass. Hey, maybe they could do that with one of the London taxis for an ad for the HEAD GARDENER.

They even took the time for a photo....WOW...I like these people. Stop by yourself sometime and get a new mow job...or at least a new banana clip.

God bless you all and keep up your kind, helpful ways. They'll get you far!

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