Hooveriii’s “The Pearl” Is a Joyous Modern Nursery Rhyme

Hooveriii’s “The Pearl” Is a Joyous Modern Nursery Rhyme

Hooveriii’s “The Pearl” Is a Joyous Modern Nursery Rhyme

Los Angeles' Hooveriii have made a modern Hollywood fairytale for their latest single and video, "The Pearl." It's a sunny, playful pop song that showcases the six-piece eschewing singer-songwriter self-seriousness in favor of infectious bliss. "'The Pearl' is an ode to pop songs of the '60s and '70s in the vein of Nilsson, Ringo, Phil Spector, girl groups, Motown etc," the band says. "A little lighthearted, nursery rhyme palate cleanse to close out the LP and quite possibly a vision of things to come. We like the idea of being a bit unpredictable, keeping folks (and ourselves) on our toes."

The video for the single plays into a similar unpredictability. In the past, we've always been told that the archetypal princess desperately waits in earnest to be rescued by her true love. But Hooveriii turn that antiquated assumption on its head with a character that actually seems bored of the whole damsel-in-distress narrative. "The music video follows the song as we find our princess (portrayed by Foster James) trapped (or is she?!) in a tower only to be courted by each member of the band," the band explains. "Which one of us will leave with the heart of our young princess?"

source: https://floodmagazine.com/111076/hooveriii-the-pearl-first-listen/

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