Hope Pearl Collection
Henry Hope
Ninteenth Century Banker

First owner of the Hope pearl collection, Henry Hope is also know for the "Hope Diamond" now in the Smithsonian Institute.

The Hope Pearl collection also contained about 148 pearls of good form.

Notable among these were the following:

(a) a conical pearl weighing 151 grains (47.73 carats), cream-white in color, from Polynesia;

(b) a bouton pearl of 124 grains (39.2 carats), bluish-white at the top and encircled by a dark bronze color;

(c) an oval cream-colored pearl, weighing ninety-four grains (29.71 carats), from the South Seas;

(d) an eighty-nine-grain (28.13 carats), roughly spherical pearl, one side bluish and the other of a light bronze;

(e) an eighty-five-grain (26.87 carats), acorn-shaped, bluish-white pearl, with a band of opaque white near the base;

(f) an oval conch pearl, pink in general color and somewhat whitish at the ends, weighing eighty-two and one fourth grains (26 carats);

(g) another conch pearl, seventy-seven and one half grains (24.5 carats), button shaped, yellowish-white with a slight shade of pink;

(h) a seventy-six-and-one-half-grain (24.18 carats), drop-shaped pearl of a chatoyant aspect, of white color shaded with red, purple, and green; and

(i) a pear-shaped Scottish pearl of thirty-four and three fourths grains (10.98 carats), of milky bluish caste, slightly tinged with pink.

The Hope collection as recorded by Kunz and Stevenson in "The Book of the Pearl".

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