How to choose jewelry that fits your personality

How to choose jewelry that fits your personality

You are what you wear – and that includes your choice of accessories. jewellry, like clothes, defines your personality and personal tastes. Other people formulate impressions based on what they can see; it is critical then that your jewelry choices should reflect the image you want to convey.

Choosing the right accessories can be lots of fun. There is a wide range of exciting styles and materials to mix and match. Michelis Jewelry creative director Sanya Faustmann suggests opting for designs that will highlight your unique style and personality.

"Jewelry is not one size fits all. If you are a young person with penchant for trendy styles, your mother’s old-fashioned pearls won’t do," explains Faustmann. "Choose something that makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself."

Michelis Jewelry earned its sterling reputation for its finely-crafted silver jewelry and gift items. It started as a small retail shop in Greenbelt and has grown into a world-class brand synonymous with trendy, stylish designs over the past years.

The Spotlight Diva. She loves being in the limelight. She goes for loud, brightly-colored accessories which are great conversation pieces or a statement by itself: diamond studded earrings, chunky bracelets, rings with huge, semi-precious stones and sparkling tiaras. Sometimes she may go over the top, to the point of looking like Mr. T. If you want the spotlight on you, go for bling blings that command attention like chandelier earrings, chokers with vibrantly-hued beads and silver bangles that cover the entire lower arm. Be the talk of the town with the Coinedge, Boudica and Massive Stones collections.

More pearl types to show you how to choose jewelry that fits your personality

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