How to Make a Pearl Belt Buckle

How to Make a Pearl Belt Buckle

First, you'll need a belt that has a large metal buckle. Usually Western belts are ideal, but any type of belt with a large buckle will work. If you don't have one that you are willing to change, you can usually find Western trend belts at discount stores like Marshalls, Ross and even Walmart or Target.

A sneaky trick, too, is to look in the men's section for Western belts with bigger buckles. It doesn't matter if the belt has a design, because you can go right over the design or work around it and incorporate it into your look.

Next, you'll need an E-6000 glue, which is found at craft stores like Michaels and is wonderful for gluing to metal.

A mix of white/off-white faux pearls is essential. At the craft store, you'll find a variety of faux freshwater pearls, round pearls and some off-white or cream faux pearls. You can find a package of simple round pearls and then add a few individual strands of the freshwater and slightly tinted off-white or brown pearls to your stash. It's best to stick to a monochromatic white/off-white pearl look for a lighter, more summery look. If you can find them undrilled (without a hole in the pearls for beading), that is ideal. However, if you can only get the ones with beading holes, that's OK, too. You just will want to position them on the belt with their drilled holes not showing as much.

A small package of rhinestones that are flat for gluing.

A set of flat-end tweezers that you don't mind designating for craft work, because they will end up sticky with glue; or, look for beading tweezers at a craft store because they work really nicely for placing the gems neatly into the buckle.

Read more about how to make a pearl belt buckle and see photos.

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